Create a (cheap) metallic effect using Bitmap in Photoshop

Hello World!

A short tutorial to help you achieving this quick and dirty metallic effect I used in my last Copier-Créer drawings 🤓

i bleu on Copier-Créer

ii rouge on Copier-Créer

It is easy. Let’s start.

Step 1

First, create a new document quite big — here 5400px x 8000px.

Step 2

Fill the first layer with a dark or colored background — here I used pure #000000 black.

Step 3

Draw a white shape using the Pencil Tool on a new layer — here a friendly Jack Nicholson.

Step 4

Create a black to white vertical gradient on a new layer.

Step 5

alt + click on the Layer 3 (gradient) to create a clipping mask with the Layer 2 (drawing).

Step 6

cmd + click on the Layer 2 (drawing) to load selection.

Step 7

shift + cmd + C to copy merged, then cmd + N to create a new document, validate, then cmd + V to paste.

Step 8

Go to Image > Mode > Grayscale then validate.

Step 9

Go to Image > Mode > Bitmap… Validate the Modal by clicking OK. Then pick the following options and validate:

💡 Tip

You can customize the Output option to have a different effect, more or less soft.

Now you have a sweet bitmap 👍🏻

Step 10

cmd + A to select all, then cmd + C to copy and cmd + W to close the document. Then cmd + V to paste in your main document. The Layer 4 (bitmap) must be clipped in the Layer 2 (drawing).

Step 11

Hide the Layer 3 (gradient). Then transform the Layer 4 (bitmap) to fit the artboard and validate.

💡 Tip

No need to make this clean. It is better to have a little gap.

Step 12

Now cmd + alt + shift + S to save for Web, pick the following options — GIF - Restrictive - No Dither —; then validate:

Step 13

Open the GIF File you just created in Photoshop.

Step 14

cmd + A to select all, then cmd + C to copy and cmd + W to close the document. Then create a new layer in your main document and cmd + V to paste.

Step 15

cmd + S to save your document. Et voilà ! 👏🏻 👏🏻

“Wendy, I’m home.”

Jack Torrance

iii The Shining on Copier-Créer

Have a nice weekend everyone 😘

Maylis Agniel

Maylis Agniel
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